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FM-320 Oil Well Cement Friction Reducer

FM-320 Oil Well Cement Friction Reducer
FM-320 is a highly effective dispersant for oil well cement slurries. It is a free flowing
powder which is produced by the spray drying of a chemically modified alkyl sulphonate.
FM-320 helps reduce apparent viscosity and can improve the rheological properties of a
cement slurry. It is environmentally safe and is available as a dry powder that can be used
for bulk blending with cement and admixtures.
FM-320 enhances fluid loss control with most fluid loss additives. It can slightly retard
FM-320 can be used with saturated salt, CaCl2, and seawater. It was designed for a wide
range of cement slurry compositions prepared with API cements.
FM-320 can be used with special formulations such as lightweight and heavyweight
cement blends.
FM-320 cement friction reducer is designed for use in wells with bottomhole circulating
temperatures (BHCTs) in the 60°F(15.6°C) to 300°F(148.9°C).
FM-320 can be effective at concentrations as low as 0.2%BWOC.Generally 0.3% to
0.8%BWOC is required in most slurries containing fluid loss additives.
Benefits of using FM-320 dispersant include:
 Easier mixing.
 Lower friction pressure during pumping.
 Improved turbulent flow at reduced pumping rates.
 Ability to mix densified cement slurries.
 Appearance Red-brown Powder
 Bulk Density (g/100cm3 ) 40 to 60
 pH of 1% solution@20 8.0 to 10
The product is packaged in 25kg sacks.
FM-320 is classified as non-hazardous for transport purposes.

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