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FM-630 Oil Well Cement Fluid-Loss Additive

FM-630 Oil Well Cement Fluid-Loss Additive
FM-630 is made from synthetic polymer technology and available as a powder or a 20%
solution. It is a very effective fluid loss control agent that is a low to high range
temperature fluid loss control additive for use in oilwell cement slurries. FM-630 is
compatible with all classes of cement and a wide variety of typical additives making it a
very versatile product.
FM-630 can slightly retard and disperse cement. Consequently, slurry rheology is lowered,
helping eliminate the need for friction reducers that will save money.
It is environmentally safe and is available as a dry powder that can be used for bulk
blending with cement and admixtures.
FM-630 additive can help control fluid losses in seawater slurries, salt-saturated slurries,
and slurries containing 5% KCl or 2% CaCl2.
FM-630 can be used with special formulations such as lightweight and heavyweight
cement blends.
FM-630 cement fluid loss additive is designed for use in wells with bottomhole circulating
temperatures (BHCTs) in the 60°F(15.6°C) to 400°F(204°C).
FM-630 provides API fluid loss control below 36cc/30min while controlling gas migration
from the formation. Generally 0.6% to 2.0%BWOC is requierd in most slurries. It is usually
used at a dosage of less than 0.8%BWOC.
Benefits of using FM-630 Fluid-Loss Additive include:
Help reduce horsepower requirements by controlling fluid viscosities and circulating
 Help maintain slurry density.
 Help control gas migration.
 Help protect water sensitive formations.
 Help secure a better cement/casing bond.
 Easier mix water or dry blended with the cement.
Appearance Off-white Powder
Bulk Density (g/100cm3 ) 50 to 70
pH of 5% solution@20 8 to 10
The product is packaged in 25kg sacks.
FM-630 is classified as non-hazardous for transport purposes.

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