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Quality index:
Appearance: light-colored flowing powder
Volatile matter (105°C ,2 hours): ≤3.5%
Particle size (<76μm or 200 mesh): ≥95%
Viscosity (7% xylene glue at 25℃): ≥2.5 Pa.s
Scraper fineness (without grinding): ≤60μm
Loss on ignition (850-900℃): ≤40%

Features and uses:
Good thickening performance and anti-settling and anti-saggging properties. The product is white, its gel is colorless or light-colored. It can increase anti-yellowing performance.

Paint, ink, cosmetics, sealant, grease, bronzing, nanocomposites, rubber, pesticide, medicine, oil drilling, etc.

Packing and storage:
Kraft paper bag outside, polythene film bag inside, or valve sack, weight is 25±0.25kg or at the request of clients. Keep in dry warehouse. Shelf life is 24 months at temperature of 0℃~30℃.

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